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    Testing Rules (Read First)


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    Testing Rules (Read First)

    Post  Zaberman on Thu Jun 17, 2010 9:37 pm

    1. To get tested you must Make a new post in one of the tester offices.

    2. Testing will be 3 duels max.

    3. Testers can request you to swap decks after any match.

    4. Testing Results will be based on the following:
    --Deck Originality-- 0-10 Points
    --Deck Strategy-- 0-10 Points
    --Field Control-- 0-10 Points
    --Card Knowledge-- 0-10 Points
    --Card Ruling's-- 0-10 Points

    5. You must score the following to get in a dorm.

    Black Void-- 41-50 Points
    Grey Shadow-- 31-40 Points
    Red Shadow-- 0-30 Points

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