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    Kcvds How to host i.p. duels


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    Kcvds How to host i.p. duels

    Post  Zaberman on Sun Jun 20, 2010 2:15 am

    Note: You only need this if you use a router to connect to the internet.

    This is a guide on setting up your router so that you could host IP duels on KCVDS with pictures included.

    1. For vista users, click on the start button and type cmd in the search bar followed by enter. This should bring up the command prompt. Another way to do this (for all windows computers) is to press start and 'Run'. Then type "cmd" into the box followed by enter.

    2. Now in the command prompt, you are going to type "ipconfig" followed by enter.

    3. This will bring up a lot of information. What you are looking for is the default gateway. Leave this open for later.

    4. Next you're going to open up your internet browser and type in the default gate way number in your address bar and hit enter.

    5. This will bring up your router. You might have to log if you never have before. Most of the time the default pass word is admin, 0000, or nothing at all by which I mean you leave it blank and hit submit.
    Common default user name/password combinations include:

    If none of these work, feel free to contact Aster Phoenix for assistance

    6. Now you are looking for Virtual Severs or Port Forwarding. Click on that.

    7. If you do not see KCVDS there you will have to enter this info. If you do see info there skip to step 8.

    8. Now go back to your command prompt that you left open. Now you are looking for the IPv4 Address.

    9. Once you find that you will enter that in the private IP address in the kcvds line. which on my router it is the 4.

    10. once you do that click the apply changes and wait for your router to reset mine takes 10 sec

    And then you done stat up kcvds, log in go to any lobby, hit create duel and then just click ok, and PLAY!!!!!

    On a side note i have noticed sometimes if the powers goes out the IPV4 will change its very rare but it has done it to me just follow the steps again.

    I hope this helps to me this is much easier than using ham and having to connect all the time to a new ham people who cannot host IP can play with you if you host IP. Enjoy!!!


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    Re: Kcvds How to host i.p. duels

    Post  SadZeem on Wed Sep 14, 2011 4:51 am

    Hi, I've done all this and I still can't host. PFPortFoward said that the port isn't open.

    What Is wrong?

    Let me know if you need more information.

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